indi chocolate classes

chocolate making class

Bean-to-bar chocolate making class 

Learn from a professional how to make chocolate at home from the cacao bean using the Premier Chocolate Refiner. 


Included in the class: Learn the basics of chocolate making starting from the bean. We will teach you how to roast, refine and temper chocolate. Besides the experience and knowledge gained throughout the class, you will also go home with chocolate you've made yourself.

When: We offer private events for a minimum of 5 people and once a month based on demand. If you have questions or are interested in signing up contact 



Mixology class with Eat Seattle

Learn how to infuse cacao and alcohol, about local Seattle distilleries, make tasty shrubs and garnishes to impress and drink and eat with us! Eat Seattle is offering mixology classes to small private groups.

Included: two beverages featuring local distilleries, learn how to make cacao infused cocktails and try indi chocolate 72% dark chocolate.

Cost: $49 pp + tax

Size: Classes range from 5-10 people

When: Wednesday evenings 6-7:30 (but depends on calendar)

Extras: 10% discount card at partnered market vendors, take home an Eat Seattle shot glass & receive a $50 discount code for new Lyft customers

Sign up here 



barbie van horn

Craft Chocolate Tasting & Palate Training with Barbie Van Horn

This workshop walks you through the basics of palate training and tasting craft chocolate to discover your very own favorite flavor notes and sensations.  By using tasting exercises, experiments, and of course craft chocolate our simple palate training will teach you to recognize aroma, texture, and taste not only in chocolate but also in the world around you.  You may never taste the same again!


We also do private events and additional classes, if you are interested please email for more information.