Chocolate Tea

indi chocolate teas are all cacao based teas with other incredibly aromatic organic ingredients, sip on hot or cold and enjoy!

Coconut Chai Tea: Savor a balanced blend of warming spices, creamy coconut and rich chocolate notes. Rooibus based-caffeine free

Lavender Tea: Enjoy the soothing aroma of locally sourced lavender with chocolate notes. Tranquility in a cup. Earl Grey based-contains caffeine

Chai Tea: A blend of aromatic Indian spices and herbs with velvety chocolate undertones. Rooibus based-caffeine free

Rose Tea: Delicate floral notes complement the rich undertones of chocolate to create a perfectly balanced tea. Earl Grey based-contains caffeine

Orange Tea: Creamy and smooth with bright citrus notes. A great way to start your day. Rooibus based-caffeine free

Mint Tea: The Pacific Northwest is known for its rejuvenating peppermint.  Layers of refreshing mint and chocolate are a treat for your senses. Rooibus based-caffeine free

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