Spare Parts

Need replacement parts for your Premier Grinder and/or Chocolate Refiner?  We're here to help.

First, choose which machine you need a replacement for:

  • Premier Wonder Grinder or 1.5L Chocolate Refiner
  • Premier Tilting Lifestyle Grinder or 2L Tilting Chocolate Refiner
  • Premier Compact Grinder or 2L LoProChocolate Refiner

Then select which replacement part(s) you need for which machine.  

The drum, stone holders and wheels are the same size for both the 2L Tilting and 2L Compact/LoPro Chocolate Refiner.

The Chocolate Maker Upgrade Kit is the same for the 1.5 Premier Wonder Grinder/Chocolate Refiner and the 2L Tilting Grinder/Chocolate Refiner.  The 2L Compact/LoPro Chocolate Refiner has a different sized belt and therefore has it's own Upgrade Kit.

If you are having difficulty identifying which machine you have, which replacement part you need or what needs to be done to fix your machine, please let us know. Sending us a photo and/or video of the problem often can often help us help you even faster.

Prices include cost of USPS shipping in Continental US.  Shipping to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska and internationally are extra.  Please contact us at about extra shipping charges outside the contiguous 48 states.

Thank you and happy chocolate making!

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