Why upgrade to the Chocolate Refiner?

Why upgrade to the Chocolate Refiner?


Have you ever wondered why the Premier Wonder Grinder was upgraded to the Premier Chocolate Refiner?

Originally, the Premier Wonder Grinder was designed and used for grinding rice, this process took about 45 min and didn't wear the gears and parts of the machine quite like the chocolate making process does. The process of refining chocolate takes three days and is much harder on the machine than grinding rice.

After years of making chocolate with the Wonder Grinder, the best machine for small batch chocolate making we could find, we noticed that there were some improvements to make it more durable and equipped to better handle the chocolate making process. With upgraded the gears, belt and bearings, The Chocolate Refiner is the best small chocolate making machine. 

the chocolate refiner

Our goal is to have robust and affordable machines that everyone can use to make chocolate. Whether you are are using The Chocolate Refiner at home, or you are a small batch chocolate make or larger chocolate maker, The Chocolate Refiner is equipped and ready to handle refining chocolate.

Both The Chocolate Refiner and the upgrade kits for the Premier Wonder Grinder or Tilting Grinder are designed specifically for chocolate making.  We hope you enjoy these upgrades, designed for smooth chocolate making. 

Happy chocolate making!