Why I sell a machine for making chocolate

Why I sell a machine for making chocolate

I've been making bean to bar chocolate since 2008 and have used machines for making chocolate that I like to say were "less than optimal."

I feel there should be a good entry level machine for chocolate makers (on the farm, in the home and in the factory) and a reliable machine for bigger chocolate makers who are constantly testing out new batches.

The Premier Wonder Grinder was the best table top machine for making chocolate but, due to it's original purpose of rice grinding, I knew there were some improvements that would help chocolate makers.  Chocolate making requires:

  • longer refinement times

  • more shear force

  • working with the intricacies specific to chocolate, like cocoa butter.

Looking at the ware rates and replacement part orders along with my own chocolate making experience, I wanted to take the best elements of the Premier Wonder Grinder and improve the machine for the requirements of chocolate making.

The Premier Chocolate Refiner that I sell includes the improvements for a Chocolate Maker Upgrade.  The Chocolate Refiner is made in the USA and has more robust gears, sealed ball bearings and an improved polyurethane belt.  It is the machine that I recommend for making chocolate in small batches.
I also sell larger Commercial machines for when you are ready to step up to a 65 or 100 pound batch size.  I'm guessing that's down the road for all you budding chocolate makers?
Let me know when you want to go bigger on your Refiner...
Please let me know what questions you have and how I can help you get started (or keep going) making chocolate. 
It's a fun job. I highly recommend it.