Seattle Community Carrot -- Part 1

Seattle Community Carrot -- Part 1

As the founder and owner of indi chocolate, I always envisioned our store as a place to bring together community.

If you've been in the store and met me I've probably asked you two questions: (1) where do you call home? and (2) what do you do?

I love these questions because I am curious by nature and love to know more about our customers and their journeys that brought them to indi chocolate.  I never know what customer conversations will lead to such as more beans from new locations, new friends, dinners and so much more.

I first met David Sheon at our cafe as he was waiting for the drink he just ordered.  I offered him a glass of water and asked my questions.  Little could have I comprehended how far that conversation would impact my life.



 David Sheon, Founder of Community Carrot


David, you see, had just moved to Seattle. His wife's job brought him here.  In Washington DC, where he moved from, David created a program called Community Carrot that helps opportunity youth on the path towards entrepreneurship.  I was hooked.

David had contacted the YMCA in Seattle to see if they may be able to create a Community Carrot program in Seattle that would be able to provide additional services and support to the program.  That very next week David was going to meet with the YMCA Accelerator program to discuss this.

As he left the cafe I wished him luck at his meeting and asked him to please keep in touch with me. I not only wanted David to be successful with Community Carrot, I wanted to be a part of it too.