10 different ways to use cacao nibs

10 different ways to use cacao nibs

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Cacao is a superfood filled with antioxidants. More and more studies have been proving the benefits of eating dark chocolate with low amounts of sugar. Many studies don't emphasize the quality of the dark chocolate or the cacao that is being sourced, but making sure that you choose cacao that is high quality, single-sourced, direct trade,  and sustainably produced makes a big difference for you and for the farmers in cacao producing regions.

Not all cacao is the same. Cacao that has been sourced from biodiverse plots of land have a better flavor profile because of the trace elements in the soil and are also part of a sustainable agriculture system that does not strip the soil of its nutrients.

Here are 10 different ways to add cacao into your daily life:

1. Grind cacao nibs with your coffee beans in the morning, steep in a french press.

2. Add cacao nibs to a superfood breakfast parfait

3. Add cacao nibs to your cheese and crackers


4. Add cacao nibs to your salad.


5. Make a smoothie bowl with cacao nibs


6. Add your favorite spirit to the indi chocolate infusion kit

7. Eat cacao nibs like a nut, by the handful.

8. Add cacao nibs to your granola and yogurt.

9. Add cacao nibs to banana pancakes.

10. Add cacao nibs to smoothies