indi chocolate Chai Ice Cream

indi chocolate Chai Ice Cream



  1. Dice vanilla pod
  2.  Add indi Chocolate Chai Tea and vanilla to whole cream
  3. Steep covered cream mixture in the refrigerator for at least one hour (longer for a stronger chocolate chai flavor)
  4. Strain steeped cream through cheese cloth
  5. Add sugar to infused cream and use ice cream maker for preferred consistency.

Don't have an ice cream maker?  That's alright, you can use the bag within the bag method of making ice cream or put it in the freezer and vigorously stir every 30 minutes (for about 2 to 3 hours) until you have the consistency you like. For the bag within the bag method, make certain the inner bag you place the ice cream mixture in is well sealed to avoid leaks.  Place the inner bag within a larger bag containing ice cubes and rock salt.  Seal the outer bag well and shake vigorously until desired constancy is reached (or you are too tired and hungry to go on any longer). 


We like to sprinkle indi chocolate cacao nibs over the top too and think they would be a great inclusion in the ice cream.  Of course, drizzling our chocolate over the top or in the ice cream is another favorite. 

For another treat, try adding to your favorite warm beverage (coffee, espresso, hot chocolate, indi chocolate Chai Tea, glass of milk, etc.) or add it to something stronger to smooth it out.