indi chocolate Infusion Sets are festive fun and great for gifting. Works well with a variety of different spirits. Check out the indi chocolate website for more recipes and ideas.

Oh boy, have we found a tasty way to bring chocolate to your alcohol. 

We are now offering an indi chocolate Cacao Nib Infusion Kit.  Yes, that's right.  Now you can add your favorite spirits to our Cacao Nib Infusion Kit. 

Give it at least two weeks to infuse before drinking your new favorite alcohol.  The other great thing about this kit are the "drunken nibs" at the bottom of the bottle.  We like them as toppers on our ice cream.  Delicious!

There are so many different alcohols that will work nicely with our Cacao Nib Infusion Kit.  Which one will you make first, rum, Pisco, bourbon, whiskey, scotch, the list goes on and on.  Please let us know which one is your favorite.

Of course, please drink and partake responsibly. We want all our customers to be repeat customers.


Make a simple syrup by boiling over medium in a sauce pan: 1 cup coconut sugar and 1 cup water. Let dissolve and cool. Add to your cacao infusion and enjoy!

We will be setting you up with some good cocktail recipes soon, so stay tuned!