50/50 indi cacao nibs and coffee

Enjoy brewing indi chocolate Cacao Nibs and coffee together.

coffee and cacao

Cacao is a superfood, high in antioxidants that prevent free radicals from forming in your body. Some believe that cacao prevents disease, lowers blood pressure and helps fight cavities in your teeth!   Cacao nibs are the inside of the bean, they taste nutty and fruity. Try adding nibs to your yogurt, smoothies, banana bread, salad and coffee.

Adding cacao to your coffee:

indi chocolate cacao nibs add the chocolaty flavor without adding the sugar. Cacao gives you a theobromine boost to your caffeine, preventing a midday caffeine and sugar crash.

Just like coffee, not all cacao nibs taste the same, at indi chocolate we search the world for the best tasting cacao and work directly with farmers. Try out our different origins of cacao for unique flavor profiles.

Directions for 50/50 indi chocolate Cacao Coffee:

For every scoop of coffee you use add about 1/3 the amount of indi chocolate cacao nibs. To spice it up try adding cinnamon and orange peel.