Cacao Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee and cold brew cacao are both refreshing ways to enjoy flavors without bitterness. indi chocolate creates tasty innovative drinks and more in our cafe in Pike Place Market. Sign up for a class or event with us or schedule a private event

Jump start the work week with with a mighty blend of coffee and cacao. Adding cacao gives your average morning cup of joe a great silky and chocolatey flavor.

The Theobromine found in cacao is less harsh on your system than caffeine and gives you a smooth sustained energy that lasts long into your day. Drink the steeped cacao beans like a tea or add to your coffee for a delightful drink we call: 50/50.


  • 5 oz cacao nibs or roasted cacao beans ground [texture similar to ground coffee and you can use a coffee grinder to grind]
  • 32 oz cold water
  • 5 oz brewed coffee cold or hot (optional)


  1. Using a cheesecloth or milk nut bag, put roasted cacao beans into the container and pour the water directly over
  2. Let the mixture sit on your counter at room temperature for 16 hours
  3. Take a mason jar and put a regular coffee filter over the top
  4. Push it down so that there is only a small lip of filter over the top
  5. Pour the mixture into the mason jar slowly, allowing the filter to do its job
  6. Add the steeped cacao brew to your coffee or drink like a tea without coffee